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Integrated Software Solutions Designed for the Food Industry

Food processing plants are driven to improve traceability, enhance productivity, manage food safety, automate production, and increase market share. All that adds to the fact that food processing plants can be very complex environments. In order to simplify plant operations and achieve operational efficiencies, plant managers rely on technology solutions. Carlisle Technology has been providing fully integrated software solutions to the food industry for over 30 years.

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Symphony Primary Processing 

Symphony gives primary processors the ability to track animals across all meat processing operations from receiving through the harvest process. With Symphony’s dynamic data capture capability, animal and carcass data can be captured throughout the process.

Symphony Secondary Processing Software

Symphony’s Secondary Processing Solution allows meat and poultry processing businesses to track production from the time that raw materials are issued into production batches through to the finished good cases and pallets that are created. Symphony’s work-in-progress tracking gives processors full end-to-end traceability. Having Symphony on your side will help you meet the must-have traceability requirements of the meat industry, and it will help you qualify for doing business with large food retailers. 

Symphony Warehouse Management Software

Symphony’s Warehouse Management Solution enables meat and poultry processing businesses to create and track sales orders throughout the entire order-fulfillment process. Symphony’s order management dashboard gives office personnel full visibility into each order’s status. In the warehouse, operators are able to quickly locate inventory and pick orders. Symphony gives food processing companies the tools they need in order to efficiently process an order from the time the order is taken through to the time the order leaves on a truck.

Symphony ERP and Accounting Integration

Symphony’s integration solutions allow our customers to continue using their existing ERP or accounting system while Symphony runs the plant floor. With Symphony / ERP integration, production information seamlessly back and forth from the plant-floor to the office. Symphony ERP and Accounting integration dynamically synchronizes product files, vendors, customers, transaction data, and inventory detail.

We Wrote the Book on Food Traceability!

Food traceability is achieved through a combination of best practices, defined processes, standard data collection, and reporting. Carlisle Technology has the food traceability solutions and expertise to guide you through the food traceability process.

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